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Tie-Dyed Tea Towel

Elemental Studio

All of the natural color used in these tie-dyed tea towels comes from plants that naturally contain restorative properties. These dynamic yet gentle plants create beautiful, practical, colorfast, and biodegradable pieces for use at home. All pieces are hand dyed with plants in small batches, and are one of a kind. Each piece is unique and while all marry beautifully, no two are alike. 

The colorways are made with the following plants and organic materials:

Indigo Clouds: Organic Indigo 

Dusk Clouds: Cutch, Quebracho Rojo, Citrus Salts

Some dyes may react to citrus, and may fade over time with excessive sun exposure. Small color variations between may occur, and minor surface variations between individual pieces should be expected. Subtle variations between pieces are a natural result of plant dyed natural fibers, and small shifts over time may occur, adding to their beauty and charm.

Care - Wash cool in gentle, Ph Neutral Detergent (such as Sal’s Suds). Tumble dry low or hang dry in the shade. 

Materials - 100% linen with loop for hanging, sewn and hand dyed with plants and minerals

Size - approx. 21 in x 15 in

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Materials - 100% linen with loop for hanging, hand sewn and dyed with organic plants and materials

Size - 

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