We've gathered an edited collection of pieces from artists' studios across the world meant to bring small moments of joy through the use of everyday objects.
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For an energetic concert, taking in the arts and culture, exploring restaurants, a night on the town, owning and not apologizing for your style... Learn more about our jewelry designers.

Featuring: Natalie Joy, 8.6.4 Design, Lindsay Lewis and Abacus Row


Natalie Joy

Designer Natalie Joy Miller developed her jewelry line in the winter of 2010 inside of a walk in closet in Portland, Oregon. After studying and creating small-scale sculptures in college the desire to create a jewelry line of her own came naturally. Each piece of Natalie Joy jewelry is thoughtfully hand fabricated using both unique and traditional metal working techniques. This shows in the tiny details of the jewelry and how you feel while wearing her pieces. 

8.6.4 Design

Tatsuya Otake founded his jewelry and leather goods design studio in Brooklyn in 2015. Born and raised in Japan, Tatsuya's designs focus on minimal design and organic shapes with a Japanese aesthetic that draws more attention to the person wearing it than the jewelry itself.

Lindsay Lewis

Drawing inspiration from her home in Chicago, Lindsay’s minimal yet interesting work celebrates independence from expectations. Architectural elements meet fine art and bold geometric lines flow and move to create timeless designs that outlive every trend.

Abacus Row

Founded in 2012 by Christine Trac. Christine views jewelry as objects of culture and identity and approaches her work with Abacus Row as a way of expressing subtle yet distinct narratives. She is inspired by both the natural ways in which things come together and the innovative approaches used to produce unexpected connections. 




For hosting parties with great company, bustling farmers markets, cooking with a glass of wine in hand, and inspired, beautiful living spaces...

Featuring: Elemental Studio, Kate Kilmurray, Linen Tales and Willow Ship

Elemental Studio

Founded in 2018 by artist and educator Sarah Capshaw, Elemental Studio creates locally made, non-toxic, botanically infused practical pieces for home in her studio in New York City. Her work is grounded in careful research and ecologically responsible practices - sourcing organic material from vetted provenances. All of the natural color used at Elemental Studio comes from plants that naturally contain healing and restorative properties, using these dynamic yet gentle plants to create beautiful, practical, colorfast, and biodegradable pieces.

Kate Kilmurray

Kate practices and teaches weaving as a form of embodied meditation at her studio in Ojai, CA. Through weaving she's discover that by using our hands in craft and contemplation, we can quiet the mind and reconnect with our innate creative essence and believes that by incorporating handweavings in our homes, we can bring more depth, beauty, and meaning to our daily lives.

Linen Tales

A family business based in Lithuania striving to bring the modern linen classics to contemporary homes, Linen Tales is passionate making things that are not only practical, but also beautiful. They wanted to keep their country's linen traditions alive and their formula was to infuse more colors and softness, by using 100% pre- washed European linen for softness.

Willow Ship

Willow Ship was started in 2011 by Blake Kahan. Working in the graphic design field, she was eager to start a studio practice, where she could work with her hands, and immerse in the study of colors, shapes and textures. A collection of handcrafted homewares that celebrate slow meals and sustainability emerged full of designs using the ancient Indian technique of block printing by hand on 100% linen.

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